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  • Title: Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: .. About the project.. Partners.. Work Packages.. Foresight.. Useful links.. Newsletter.. Related papers.. Republic of Bulgaria.. Ministry of Education, Youth and Science.. RIFI.. General info.. The project is structured into in five work packages (WP).. WP1 on methodology development and WP2 dedicated to the Case Studies are designed to enable systematic exchange of information and good practices concerning the existing methodologies for S-E studies performance, enriching the input/output indicators, and adjusting the overall methodology to the needs of the project tasks.. WP2 puts additionally a strong analytical emphasis on the development of specific case studies  ...   WP1 and WP2, WP3 on Foresight, as the central work package, is designed to identify in a structured communication and decision-making process potential strategic activities incorporating Foresight techniques.. WP1-WP3 will be accompanied by WP4 on Dissemination, which facilitates the internal and external communication (e.. g.. with ESFRI and the External Advisory Board - see Appendix 1) and public relations.. Finally, WP5 assists all work packages through a pro-active project management.. More.. Home.. Map.. Contact.. SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME.. Capacities – Research Infrastructures.. News.. Search.. RSS News Events.. Contact us.. Login.. All rights reserved © 2009, RIFI..

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  • Title: About the project • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: /.. 28 July 2009.. In September 2000, the EC and the ESF jointly organised the first international conference on Research Infrastructures and their role in implementing the ERA vision.. This conference highlighted the key roles that availability and accessibility of world class Research Infrastructures play in facilitating frontier science and innovation.. One of the results of the Strasbourg RI Conference was the invitation that the Council of Ministers extended in June 2001 to the Commission, in close collaboration with the Member States, to explore the need for new arrangements to support policies related to Research Infrastructures.. Therefore Member States agreed on setting up a.. European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI.. ) to support a coherent and strategy-led approach to policy making on Research Infrastructures in Europe and to facilitate multilateral initiatives leading to a better use and development of Research Infrastructures.. This stemmed from the visible shortcomings of the European Research Area to adequately respond to the new emerging research needs to tailor the existing Research Infrastructures to the requirements of new disciplines and to do all this in a coordinated and more effective manner.. These issues have been addressed by the Council conclusions on the role of Infrastructures in the European Research Area from 2001.. The Commission working document European Research Area for Infrastructures and the setting up of the ESFRI marked the recognition of the need to adopt a European approach to Research Infrastructures and outlined the priority actions to be undertaken, namely promoting a better exploitation of the existing Research Infrastructures, combining efforts and resources for the construction of new Research Infrastructures, and establishing a Europe-wide advice and policy-making process.. In the 7th Framework Programme for RTD, Research Infrastructures (RI), as a prerequisite for innovation and excellence in research, play a special role.. Still - when looking at the geographical distribution of Research Infrastructures in Europe - it becomes clear that most of these world-class facilities are located in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, followed by Switzerland and Scandinavia.. In this future-oriented  ...   Socio Economic Benefits of ITER in Spain.. The ForeIntegra project.. Integrating Foresight in Research Infrastructures' Policy Formulation.. The ERID-Watch.. (European Research Infrastructure Development Watch).. project.. The project team will network, and seek further synergies with, ongoing relevant actions in the field of RIs, RI policy formulation modes, including the ESFRI Working Groups as well as foresight actions and the actions suggested for support by the ESFRI Roadmap.. Generally the project aims at developing an integrated framework for the identification of RI investment opportunities and methods for S-E impact assessment of new RIs.. More specifically three distinct objectives will be pursued that contribute to this goal:.. (a) Developing RIAM (the Research infrastructure Impact Assessment Methodology and measurement criteria) for the S-E impact assessment of new RIs.. (b) Testing and improving the elaborated methodology.. For validating RIAM several case studies of RIs located at the outskirts of the current borders of the EU will be analyzed.. The proposed geographical context of the project is South East Europe (new Member States), Trieste (Slovenian border and thus border between old and new Member States) and a small island at the edge of the EU (i.. e.. La Palma in the Canary Islands).. The decision about the particular entities to be studied will be taken during the project on the basis of a more detailed analysis.. They will however include four to six cases selected from the following list:.. two proposed pan-European RIs: ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure), which Romania is willing to host; and EURO-ARGO, which will have strong Bulgarian participation, moreover, in the case of ELI, the Project coordinator and each of the site applicants will be associated to the undertaking of the case study;.. the Free Electron Laser FERMI@Elettra, currently under construction in Trieste, financed by national funds and an EIB loan while set up in an international cooperation;.. a regional interest RI (e.. Danube Delta Institute);.. The extremely large telescopes in a remote region of Spain, the Island of La Palma;.. 1-2 national RIs in Romania Bulgaria.. Print friendly.. Up..

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  • Title: Partners • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: PARTNERS.. P1: Project coordinator:.. UEFISCSU - Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Invatamantului Superior si Cercetarii Stiintifice Universitare (Executive Agency for Higher-Education and Research Funding).. -.. www.. uefiscsu.. ro.. The Executive Agency for Higher Education and Research Funding (UEFISCSU).. is a public body of the Central Administration under the ultimate authority of Ministry of Education, Research and Youth.. It acts both as executive agency for the National Higher Education Funding Council (dealing with funding of higher education) and for the National University Research Council.. Both councils are consultative bodies of the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth.. P2:.. ANCS - Autoritatea Nationala pentru Cercetare Stiintifica (National Authority for Scientific Research).. ancs.. ro.. The National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS).. is the main public authority responsible for the governmental policies in the field of R D and innovation in Romania.. ANCS is in charge with the elaboration and the implementation of the national RDI strategy and the national programmes for RDI.. Through the Directorate General Intermediate Body for Research ANCS is implementing the RDI priority axis of the SOP-Increase of the Economic Competitiveness, financed from structural funds.. P3:.. FMMC - F.. M.. MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY.. fmmc.. ro/news.. php.. FM Management Consultancy SRL (FMMC).. is a private company on the Romanian consultancy market having the mission to provide complete consultancy services to its clients (SMEs, RTDs, authorities, Universities) according to their needs.. The company experience is based on the extensive experience achieved along the time through intensive participation to proposals writing and projects implementing under various financing schemes (PHARE, SAPARD, FP5, FP6, World Bank, SAVE I si II, YOUTH and Leonardo da Vinci).. At national level FMMC is one of the providers of consulting services for research community and SMEs sector in order to elaborate financial proposals and studies to be financed by Structural Funds.. P4:.. INTERGROUP - INTERGROUP ENGINEERING SRL.. -.. http://www.. intergroup.. ro/.. Intergroup Engineering.. is a private company providing consultancy and design services to its various beneficiaries (Central Authorities, Local Authorities, SMEs, Public Institutions, etc).. The main projects developed are related either to municipal infrastructure (water/wastewater systems, solid waste management systems, roads and bridges), either to RI infrastructures.. The consultancy services are covering a wide range of expertise, such as: planning at the level at strategy / master plan, technical studies, cost benefit analysis including socio-economic impact analysis and quantification of externalities, detailed design,i nstitutional assessments, environmental impact studies, preparation of grant applications, etc.. P5.. :.. IEM - Institutul de Economie Mondiala (Institute of World Economy).. iem.. The Institute of World Economy (Institutul de Economie Mondiala- IEM).. functioning under the Romanian Academy is the largest institute of economic research in Romania.. Annual or multi-annual programmes coordinated by IEM as part of basic programmes of the Romanian Academy are related to the majority of macroeconomic domains, approached through the perspective of integrating Romanian economy in global economy.. Additionally, IEM carries a large number of research projects mainly regarding sectoral competitiveness and knowledge based economy (i.. research policies, information society and human capital development).. Through the department Competitiveness and Innovation IEM has been involved in a set of projects regarding RD policies and foresight exercises.. P6:.. BBSS AD - Balkan British Social Surveys AD.. The Balkan British Social Surveys AD - BBSS AD.. (hereafter referred to as BBSS AD or the Agency ) is founded in 1991 under the Commercial Law of Bulgaria as a joint venture with Social Surveys Ltd of London, UK.. The Agency is among the first privately owned independent market, social and opinion Research Companies in Bulgaria.. BBSS AD is a full service company in the field of social, political, environmental and market research, analysis, evaluations and consultancy.. It performs on-going and up-to-date reporting and in-depth analysis on market, social, political, environmental and economic trends.. It provides value-added consulting services for the needs of organizations (including government, not for profit and commercial organizations) operating in the region.. It also performs an integration of the analysis of the socio-economic, environmental and political issues in the larger European and global contexts.. P7:.. IME - Institute for Market Economy..  ...   of the University of Sofia.. was established.. in 1846.. The fields of expertise of the Physical Oceanography Group in the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics include coastal and shelf sea oceanography, integrated coastal zone management, marine biogeochemistry and modelling of marine environment, climate modelling, dynamics of atmosphere and oceans.. P10:.. IAC - Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.. iac.. es/.. This is one of the most important institutes in its field and it is a meeting point for the international astronomy community.. Its Research Program includes both research and technological development projects.. It has two astronomy observatories.. It concurrently coordinates its work with the Canary Islands Giant Telescope, whose construction is being completed at this time.. This is the biggest research project in Spain and the telescope is the most advanced of its kind in the world.. This project places an instrument at the disposal of national and international researches that will develop the opportunities provided by the most modern observation techniques.. The IAC is also an advanced technology centre.. Apart from its principal purpose of producing astronomical instrumentation, it also develops technological capacities which are applicable to other scientific and technical fields and are of general utility through the IAC's Office for Transfer of Research Results (OTRI).. The most important technological challenge the IAC is involved in is the construction of the Large Canary Islands Telescope GTC, of over ten meters diameter, which is the largest project of scientific investment in Spanish history and which will be the most advanced of its kind when it enters service in the year.. 2009.. P11:.. ARC FUND.. arcfund.. net/.. Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund).. is a non-profit organization established in Sofia in 1991.. Today it is one of the leading Bulgarian non-government.. organizations (NGOs) working to advance the development of a modern knowledge-based society that harnesses the power of information technologies and innovations.. ARC Fund is actively involved in the efforts to shape policies and developments towards information society and knowledge economy in the national and international contexts by:.. Conducting applied research and analyses that assist the development andimplementation of public policies;.. Introducing new policy-making tools, such as foresight;.. Promoting public policy consensus by bringing together the key actors in government, industry and civil society, and by forming coalitions and public-private partnerships;.. P12.. Institute of Oceanology, Bulgarian Academy of Science-IO.. io-bas.. The Institute of Oceanology, BAS, Varna.. is affiliated to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.. The main research activities are focused on the field of coastal dynamics, marine physics, chemistry, geology, biology, ecology, and underwater investigations.. Traditionally involved in all aspects of marine research it also offers consulting and expert services, environmental.. impact assessment studies, education and training.. The total scientific stuff is 56 scientists.. During last five years IO-BAS actively participate in a large number of FP5 and FP6 among which CESUM-BS, ARENA, ASCABOS, Sea-Search, SeaDataNet, SESAME, etc.. The IOBAS experts are involved in consulting decision and policy makers for elaboration of environmental friendly regulations and standards for sustainable management of Black Sea living resources at governmental and local authorities' level.. P13:.. Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste SCPA.. elettra.. trieste.. it/.. Sincrotrone Trieste SCpA (ST).. is an Italian non-profit share company controlled by public bodies and recognized of national interest.. It has been founded with the strategic goal to promote the creation of capabilities and knowledge related to the production and use of synchrotron radiation within the Italian scientific community in order to contribute to the cultural, social, and economic growth of the country.. ST is hosting the two research infrastructures Elettra and FERMI@Elettra.. The free electron laser FERMI@Elettra, a new fourth generation light source, is currently under development and construction.. The Italian synchrotron Elettra is one of the brightest third generation light sources in Europe and world-wide in the VUV / soft X-ray range.. The 24 beamlines at Elettra cover a wide variety of fields as physics, chemistry, material science, nanotechnology, environmental science, biology, medicine, micro - and nano - fabrication.. More than 1000 international users benefit each year for their research from Elettra's worldclass facilities..

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  • Title: Work Packages • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: Work packages: General info.. WP1 on methodology development and WP2 dedicated to the Case Studies are designed to enable systematic exchange of information and good practices concerning the existing methodologies for S-E.. Work package 1: Methodology.. WP1 is designed to elaborate a comprehensive methodology for implementing an S-E impact study on the future benefits from the construction of large-scale research infrastructures in the targeted regions that indicated their potential and interest.. The.. WP2: Case studies.. WP2 represents a major knowledge input for RIFI as regards: * selection of case studies to be performed applying the methodology developed *under  ...   the potential for future hosting of large-scale research infrastructures; their management and patterns of international cooperation, are based on analyses of the topics of common interest and new approaches to.. WP 4: Dissemination.. WP4 is designed as a horizontal activity vis-à-vis all other work packages.. Its aim is to ensure an optimal structure for internal and external communication.. Bulgaria/MES will supervise WP4.. All RIFI partners contribute to a transparent and.. WP 5: Management.. WP5, lead by P1 UEFISCSU, will ensure the coordination and smooth implementation of all activities to be carried out during the life time of the..

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  • Title: Foresight • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
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  • Title: Useful links • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: Useful links.. 13 July 2009.. Research Infrastructures in the Sixth Framework programme.. Research Infrastructures in the Seventh Framework programme.. European portal on Research Infrastructure Services.. European Strategic Forum on research Infrastructures.. Research Infrastructures conferences.. Hamburg 2007.. Versailles 2008.. Brdo 2008.. Prague 2009.. European research Advisory Board (EURAB).. National Roadmaps.. Bulgaria.. Italy.. Spain.. Romania..

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  • Title: Newsletter • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: Newsletter January 2010.. 26 January 2010.. newsletter.. Leaflet.. 17 November 2009.. rifi_leaflet.. newsleter october.. 22 October 2009.. sdfdsf.. Newsletter September 2009.. 29 September 2009.. Resume TestNews1..

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  • Title: Related papers • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: Related to the project papers.. Еconomic Approaches to Measuring the Performance AND Benefits of the Fundamenta Science by Steven W.. Popper, October 1995.. (1.. 25 MB).. ForeIntegra: Desk Research and Draft Drivers report.. (337.. 29 KB).. Impact Assessment Discussion Paper No.. 5: Some Useful Methods for Measuring the.. Benefits of Social Science Research by Henry E.. Kilpatrick, Jr.. , October 1998.. (108.. 14 KB).. Options and Limits for Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact  ...   January 1999.. (175.. 16 KB).. The Private and Social Returns to Research and Development, by Browyn H.. Hall.. (3.. 94 MB).. Data and the measurement of R D program impacts, by Brian P.. Cozzarin, March 2008.. (255.. 92 KB).. Impacts of Large-Scale Research Facilities- A Socio-Economic Analysis, August 2004.. 58 MB).. RTD Evaluation Toolbox - Assessing the Socio-Economic Impact of RTD-Policies, Strata Project HPV 1 CT 1999 - 00005, August 2002.. 55 MB)..

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  • Title: home • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: home.. 27 July 2009.. Work package 1 Methodology..

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  • Title: Map • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
    Descriptive info: Test..

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  • Title: • Research Infrastructures: Foresight and Impact
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